Children's Author

$800.00 for a full day (up to 4 presentations).

The Writer's Word-shop
Grades:  Upper Elementary
Length:  50-60 minutes

After reading In My Backyard, I briefly discuss where the story idea came from. A focus on revision (for both writers and illustrators) is highlighted through concrete examples from the publishing process. Students leave with an appreciation that "real" authors and illustrators constantly revise as well as with a story starter for their writing time.

* A bookmark or animal mask craft can be incorporated into the visit.

Students will write their own rhyming stanzas with the process used for In My Backyard. The importance of word choice, rhyme, meter and the revision process will be addressed. For non-rhyming requested programs, similar principles will be addressed using alternative practices.

Travel reimbursement required for visits over 2 hours from my home. I will calculate and provide an amount upon contact.

Who Lives in Your Backyard?
Grades:   Pre-School Through Elementary
Length:  30-45 minutes (depending on grade)

Programs may be adapted for grade level and time allotment.